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I don't do Requests by Pyek
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Working on:

:bulletyellow: Point Commission for :iconheadofred: Coloring - purple by AngelLale87


:bulletyellow: Christmas Gift (1/2) and Birthday Gift(2/2) for :iconeleanor-devil: Sketching - purple by AngelLale87

:bulletblue: Gift for :iconkeriga: On-hold Progress word by AngelLale87
(Waiting for an updated image of her OCs' team 1/3)

Waiting from:

QueenSunny - request ayugaa.
layzkimchi AyuGaa Request.
alme2208 Request, Ayumi.
annria2002 Commission, AyuGaa

(will be updated)

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UPDATE: OMG more prizes and more entries!!! You can still join the contest!!! :la:

It is open!
I've got more than 8 participants, which means this contest will happen! Anyone can join by submitting their entry and commenting in this journal with a link! I will instantly add your username (if it's not already here) and your entry besides it! Also, there is still a chance that we get more prizes for the winners! Come on, it's a simple contest for great prizes! :la:
And I'll try not to spam you guys so often with the contest alright? Sry for the spam :iconlazycryplz:

Don't forget! If you wish to join the contest, please advertise it as well (this is optional, but it would be great to help!) :iconthankyouplz:

So! Heya everyone!
Everything is set! We are still accepting more prize contributors! If you wish to contribute with a prize, you get the chacne to add your OC to option 1 and hopefully one of the contestants can draw him/her for their entry! (:

Naruto OC Contest - Sweet Ninja Life!

Start date - August 25th
End date - November 3rd (this may change, in case I have to extend it!)

PRIZES (as the contest moves forward, there's a chance of adding more prizes!)
1st place - 636 points or 3 months premium membership
- A digital drawing with everything you wish for by me.
- a chibi by me.
- A fullbody drawing w/ detailed background of a character (maximum two characters, it can be a couple and no need to be Naruto OC's) by :iconkkeennyy:
- A chibi by :iconmugi-chu:
two part story of the winner's choice & a portrait of his or her's character by :iconstarrybrat:
- 1 fullbody drawing by :iconcancerta:

2nd place - 396 points or 1 month premium membership
- A digital drawing w/o background or a bicolor drawing by me.
- a chibi by me.
- a chibi + simple background by :iconkkeennyy:
chibi scene and a short story by :iconstarrybrat:

3rd place - a digital drawing w/o background by me.
- a sketch by me OR a custom outfit for your OC.
- 1 halfbody drawing by :iconcancerta:

(Thank you to all of your (present and future) contributions!)

Me! - :iconayumi-danyeangel:


My OC: Ishimaru Ayumi.
The Story of A Whole Different World by Ayumi-DanyeAngelIshimaru Ayumi's Profile by Ayumi-DanyeAngelAyumi - Someone called? by Ayumi-DanyeAngelFirst Attempt with SAI... by Ayumi-DanyeAngelRQ - Ayumi by Cookie-HimeAyumi-DanyeAngel: Ayumi by Lilakohime
Please choose one of these options.

OPTION 1 - Draw my oc Ayumi (and one of your OC's AND/OR one of the contributors' OCs) together.
:bulletpurple: Ayumi must be wearing a different outfit. You can either redesign her current outfit or make a new one. It has to be an outfit for shippuuden or older.
:bulletpurple: Don't pair Ayumi with other OC's romantically. This isn't because of you, it's because of other options for this contest. I don't want to blend everything in here. ^^;
OPTIONAL - If you have NO IDEA of how to change Ayumi's outfit, you can draw her and your OC (and/or the contributors' OCs) wearing a kimono (:
If you want, please pick one of the contributors' OC's too for your entry!
:iconmugi-chu: - Abi | 15 by Mugi-chu Abi
:iconkkeennyy: - Main OC: Louis. by KkeennyYLouis
:iconstarrybrat:Naruto Oc: Airisu Naso by Starrybrat Airisu
:iconcancerta: - Profil ~ Kana by Cancerta Kana

OPTION 2 - Draw a pic of Ayumi and Gaara together (as a couple), according to some fanfiction examples.
:bulletpurple: First time they met (in a few years)
Ayumi ran off the Hokage's HQ as fast as possible, carrying on her pouch the newly made maps and a small porc pasty in her mouth (her lunch..!). Swiftly, she managed to deliver a copy of those maps to Michiyo and her fellow chuunin companions before running back to the Northern Gate. The day was pratically over, signed by the last sun rays in the far distance, marking the fading blueish sky, and she knew it was about time. "Darn it, I shouldn't had run so fast..! It feels like my heart is about to pop out of my chest... Am I getting too lazy or something?" she thought, foolishly blaming her low stamina for her impatient breath and racing heart. The kunoichi sat down by the entrance and looked into the distance for a long, long while. But there was no one around or near. No one to be seen.
She began to worry.

- Doushita? The moon's almost up and no one has arrived yet... - She sighed and read her instructions all over again. - I'm on the right place, but they are late... And there's no one detectable nearby.
- Perhaps you should consider in putting your sensorial skills to test and practice a little harder...

Her heart skipped a beat, startled, or so she thought. Ayumi meeped and turned around fast, blinking at the sight before her eyes.
There he was, mighty and powerful, the Godaime Kazekage. Sabaku no Gaara, looking directly into her purple and amused orbs as serious as ever. And surprisingly, his emerald eyes were so serene and peaceful that the kunoichi mistook him for a fake, for a few seconds. "He... Looks so different..." she said to herself, silently, looking at him from top to bottom. Gaara was taller and stronger now, and really... Handsome. But more than that, he was certainly a new person now.
Curiously, Ayumi found herself blushing for no reason.
:bulletpurple: Their first kiss (I've written so many possibilities for this one... But well, here's the very first one I wrote)
"Is there a problem, Gaara?", Ayumi asked, leaning against the desk. None of them turned the lights on, but the room wasn't completely dark thanks to the open windows, allowing the moonlight to invade it. For moments, the kazekage stared at the young female in silence, at how alluring she looked under the moonlight. Ayumi tilted her head gently and asked him the same thing again. Gaara came back to reality, unaware of those feelings.

"No, there's no problem at all. I've realised that you're not in your usual self. At least my hat is still where I left it", he replied. Her cheeks turned into a soft pink, knowing she wasn't hiding her feelings correctly.

"Gomenasai. I simply don't feel like I'm worthy of having your presence with me. I wish I could had avoided your... death", she paused.

"You were away. You had a mission and you fullfilled it", Gaara took a few steps forward and got closer to Ayumi, "I learned so many things when I came back. I knew I had a very good friend by my side and I learned that my people need me. Death taught me to pay more attention to what Life has to give me. And when I woke up, you were there, in the middle of the crowd. Your eyes were filled with joy, relief and regret. I quickly realised you felt guilty for my passing, when you had nothing to do with it."

Yes, he was right. More than guessing it, his words opened her scars widely and looked into her broken heart and values. Before she could say something, Gaara approached her and held her face in his pale hands. He stared into her purple eyes, as if he was trying to speak directly at them, trying to reach her heart.

"At that moment I finally knew why. I finally understood why were you different from all of the women I get love letters from. I knew why were you closer to me than any other person other than my siblings without even trying. You cared about me before and now, you want to keep me safe. Now I know the meaning of your smile and your look, I understand your entire self. From the moment I saw you staring back at me, I knew I owed you this. I owe you this feeling I still don't know what it truly means. So in return, I want you to teach me its true meaning. I believe we owe this to one another".

Silence came. It was impossible to listen to anything else around them, the whole World was quiet. Before any of them could break that promising silence, Ayumi leaned forward and sealed his first words of love with a kiss.

:bulletpurple: Their wedding day
She heard him, her hero. And she was bored. Tsukiko was too tired and couldn't stand the idea of staying in that dressing room one more minute. And before she came up with a plan, Gaara crossed the hall right next to them.

He wasn't supposed to be there. It was his wedding day and tradition says the groom cannot see the bride before the ceremony. Things were going the perfect way until he decided to walk around the huge mansion and got closer and closer to the room where Ayumi was hiding from him with her daughter and her sister-in-law Temari. But then she heard him and she opened the door quickly, running towards the sound of her father's footsteps. Tsukiko reached Gaara's wedding robe and pulled it gently, screaming his name. Before he could look backwards and get the chance to find them out, Ayumi and Temari shut the door instantly.

"Kuso, I hope he didn't see anything!", Temari hissed. She still had to finish preparing the bride. Ayumi blushed and covered her eyes, hoping for the same.
"The problem is that now Tsukiko-san is outside. What if she tries to bring him in here? Or simply tells him that I'm in this room?", the bride wondered. The last thing she wanted to do was to ruin their wedding day. However, there she was, standing behind the door while hoping that her future husband and daughter wouldn't come in. And by the other side of the room stood Gaara and Tsukiko in his arms. the small girl giggled cheerfully, whispering secretly to her father how beautiful her mother looked.
And Gaara couldn't avoid to show a gentle smile, despite telling his first child that he would have to wait for the ceremony to see his future wife. Bride and groom stood there, so close to each other and yet so far, separated by a door and a wedding tradition, against their eagerness to finally see one another... And their daughter, innocently supporting her parents' most deepest wishes.
:bulletpurple: Only from shippuuden forward! Gaara must have already been separated from the Shukaku. (I'm trying to make this as good as possible...)
:bulletpurple: You can use her current outfit here!
:bulletpurple: No need for backgrounds if you don't want to. If you're not comfortable with backgrounds, you can use a simple bg color only.

OPTION 3 - Draw a pic of Ayumi and Gaara together (as a couple).
:bulletpurple: Only from Shippuuden forward (or older than 16).
:bulletpurple: You can draw them according to the Narutoverse or to an AU story (just pick one you like!). My preferences are: highschool, arabian, medieval, elves. But these are just ideas! Draw whatever you feel like.
:bulletpurple: No need for backgrounds if you don't want to. If you're not comfortable with backgrounds, you can use a simple bg color only.


None of the prizes will be removed/reduced. I may add more prizes if I get kind people willing to contribute ofc. You have until August 24th (23h59m) to become a participant! If you wish to join this contest, comment below "dattebayo!".
If you wish to become a judge, please send me a note!
If you wish to become a contributor send me a note with your contributions and you'll be added to option 1!

1 - :icon10-02-96:
2- :iconpsychovampire11: - Gaaraxayumi Medieval: CE by psychovampire11
3- :iconmugi-chu: (may be a participant and/or a contributor)
4- :iconkingnanamine87:
5- :iconstarrybrat: (may be a participant and/or a contributor)
6- :iconkkeennyy: (also a contributor)
7- :iconjustsher: - : CE : GaaraxAyumi by JustSher
8- :iconhomecomin:
9- :iconfaexbae:
10- :iconlunasucarta:
11- :iconkasumi-akatsuki:

1 - :iconnarutokunoichi1010:
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