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About me ♥

Stamp: Hiatus from deviantART by FantasyStockAvatars Hiatus by Nolascana
Daniela ♥ 22 years old ♥ Portugal

Hello, fellow deviant or lovely visitor! My name is Daniela. I'm a 22 year old amateur programmer curently waiting to find out if I'll enroll into college for a Psychology degree this year.
Here are some fact about me:
♥ I draw mostly anime (fanart and original characters) but I hope to, someday, learn to paint, digitally and traditionally.
♥ My favourite food's pancakes and my favourite colour is purple, or any other tone inside that very same spectrum.
♥ My main fandom is currently Naruto. However, I also follow Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Winx, Angel's Friends, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sailor Moon (Currently watching Sailor Moon Crystal) and Card Captor Sakura.
♥ I have not counted how many OCs do I have in total, but they are more than 30 in the Naruto department.

Now, some warnings:
♥ I ship Canon x OC, and not just my own OCs. So if you are not comfortable with that, goodbye. I will not tolerate fandom wars in my page, canon, fanon or OC related. So scram.
♥ I'm not a popular artist and I'm not exactly a professional either. Please respect my progress as much as I'll respect yours.
♥ Constructive criticism is always welcome. Other sort of criticism is too, but if you tell me to fuck off, I'll answer in the same coin. Fair enough, right?
♥ I don't draw requests, neither commissions. People become abusive with requests and I am too slow to keep up with commissions in time, so I decided not to do those anymore, unless I need money urgently.
♥ Don't ask me for collabs, art-trades and whatever you think of. If I have something to offer, you can see it in my profile somewhere.
♥ Do not ask me for points or for freebies. No is no.
♥ Please respect my posts and my deviations, do not steal. I understand the meaning of using similar or even equal concepts, but I will not tolerate identical rip-offs or obvious stolen material. You steal something from me, you get your ass reported.

Any other questions, please comment or note me. Thank you :iconheartpurpleplz:


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Back to work, now finishing an art-trade and the RED gatchapon! Meanwhile, adoptable wise, what would you want to see and/or buy? :la: 

3 deviants said Simple Naruto Adoptables
2 deviants said Special Adoptables (Couples, Teams, NNG (canon or OC), Pregnancy or Themed)
1 deviant said Simple Fairy Tail Adoptables
No deviants said More simple gatchapons! Or with creative slot names and extras.
No deviants said Original Adoptables (for events such as your RP's, original series or special events of the year like Halloween or others)
No deviants said Other (please be clear)
No deviants said Want one of these already? send me a note! :la:


Oct 8, 2015
6:26 pm
Oct 8, 2015
6:15 am
Oct 6, 2015
8:34 am
Oct 5, 2015
6:53 am
Oct 5, 2015
6:21 am



Today's goals: two adoptables and two sketches (prize and s.request). Wish me luck!
Coming back to my to-do list and to Ayumi's info. I'm filling her background story today. =)

To Do List ♥

To do List ♥

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I don't do Requests by Pyek
I DONT do Commissions by Pyek

Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie Stamp: Hiatus from deviantART by FantasyStockAvatars Hiatus by Nolascana
(UPDATE September 19th 2015, recovering from a psychological breakdown. I will upload as soon as possible. Sorry.)

Adoptables and Outfit designs are ON HOLD - GATCHAPON.
Slots taken - GOLD, RED.

Everything is CLOSED. :iconallthethingsplz:

Stuff to do:

Working on: :bulletyellow: Christmas gift nrº 2 - Lineart - purple by AngelLale87

:bulletyellow: Full drawing of Gaina and Katana (prize for :icongoldiesu: ) - Sketching - purple by AngelLale87
:bulletyellow: Special Request for :iconcanela2000: - Fuu x Third Mizukage Lineart - purple by AngelLale87
Gaara's Bday gift - Lineart - purple by AngelLale87
1 pic and some sketches for Edo-no-Romance - Lineart - purple by AngelLale87
Ayumi's Genin chart - Lineart - purple by AngelLale87

Waiting for details or for the end of the to-do list:

:bulletblue: Art-trade with :iconandy-dorinka: - Kairi's new design
:bulletblue: Art-trade with :iconiceanddarkness: - Haku and Aki
:bulletblue: Gift for :iconkeriga: On-hold Progress word by AngelLale87
(Waiting for an updated image of her OCs' team 1/3)


Valentine's Day Pic - Sketching - purple by AngelLale87

Waiting from:

layzkimchi AyuGaa Request.
alme2208 Request, Ayumi.
annria2002 Commission, AyuGaa
mirrorsu Request, GaaAyu

My babies! ♥

About Ayumi

Ishimaru Ayumi

To-Do List:

:bulletpurple: Ayumi (Academy and younger) - :star:
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (genin) - 90% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87 (need to add clan symbol)
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (shippuuden) - 90% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87 (add clan symbol)
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (post-war) - 90% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87 (add clan symbol)
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (Road To Ninja) - :star:
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (The Last) - :star: (Only need to draw it :la: )
:bulletpurple: Ayumi (time skip) - 45% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87 (need casual attire)
:bulletpurple: Sabaku no Tsukiko / Eiji / Haruki / Yuzuki (infants, Academy, Genin) - 30% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87 (need outfits and hairdo for their kid and academy stages)
:bulletpurple: Timeline - 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87 (Done: kid / Left: Gennin, Shippuuden/Shippuuden Casual, War / Post War (699), The Last/The Last Casual, Road to Ninja, Post 700 / Post 700 casual)
:bulletpurple: Official story - 0% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87
:bulletpurple: Profile update - 75% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87 (Info - needs some editing in her story's summary and a link to her clan's info.)
:bulletpurple: Clan Info - :star: (Only have to revise it and publish it)
:bulletpurple: 1st fanfiction rewriting (Prologue, 1st and 2nd chapters done) - 15% progress bar - purple by AngelLale87 - Will not be a priority anymore, because her official story is alot more different now)

Screw the canon. Although the novels are not canon, they influence the canon line a lot. And to be fully honest I disagree with some canon lines. STILL, Ayumi will have three different story lines.
ONE, inside canon (if Gaara hiden ends up as predicted and kills my brain)
TWO, parting from canon (at some point it stops following canon and it reunites with it again in the gaiden).
THREE, a completely different story, in which Ayumi isn't even with Gaara. But that's like, fandom from fandom, get it? Fandomception. TBH I won't mind this one much. I'll stick with the second for sure.


So many OC's!

OC List

:bulletgreen: 001 - Fujiwara Miaka
:bulletyellow: 002 - Yamashita Asuka (needs to be revamped)
:bulletyellow: 003 - Yamashita Kinji (needs to be revamped)
:bulletgreen: 004 - Saruwatari Naomi (belongs to :iconeleanor-devil: )
:bulletgreen: 005 - Saruwatari Yuuki
:bulletyellow: 006 - Yaguchi Taiki (needs to be revamped)
:bulletgreen: 007 - Gouto Shigure
:bulletyellow: 008 - Kinoshita Junichiro (needs to be revamped)
:bulletyellow: 009 - Matsuo Tadayoshi (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 010 - Koizumi Mayu (needs to be revamped)
:bulletgreen: 011 - Nakamura Masahiro
:bulletgreen: 012 - "Sabaku no" Kiyoshi
:bulletgreen: 013 - Ishimaru Kaori
:bulletyellow: 014 - Nakashima Kumiko (needs to be revamped)
:bulletgreen: 015 - "Amy"
:bulletgreen: 016 - Raicho Natsumi
:bulletyellow: 017 - Obana Michiroh (needs to be revamped)
:bulletyellow: 018 - Fujiwara Miharu (needs to be revamped)
:bulletyellow: 019 - Konno Akina (needs to be revamped)
:bulletgreen: 020 - Konno Naora
:bulletyellow: 021 - Konno Momoko (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 022 - Ishimaru Junichiro (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 023 - Ishimaru Tomio (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 024 - Ishimaru Emi (needs design)
:bulletgreen: 025 - Ishimaru Ayumi
:bulletgreen: 026 - Ishimaru Hana
:bulletyellow: 027 - Ishimaru Akihiro (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 028 - Ishimaru Etsuko (needs design)
:bulletyellow: 029 - Ishimaru Miyoko (needs design)
:bulletgreen: 030 - Kumo Guy (needs name and story)
:bulletgreen: 031 - Miyamoto Akira (also belongs to :iconeleanor-devil: )
:bulletyellow: 032 - Kimura Akio (also belongs to :iconeleanor-devil: ) (needs design)

Former characters from the list that will be drawn and sold or were dropped:
:bulletgreen: Hasegawa Michiyo (belongs to someone else, including her design)
:bulletgreen: Nakano Niashi (SOLD)
:bulletgreen: Ishiguro Rina (SOLD)
:bulletgreen: Katou Kaori (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Yoshikuni Kureno (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Michishige Hatsuharu (SOLD)
:bulletgreen: Nakashima Tsubaki (SOLD)
:bulletgreen: Iemochi Takuya (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Mayumi (Adopted)
:bulletgreen: Raicho Takeshi (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Fujimoto Kaito (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Otomo Tsuyoshi (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Matsuura Susumu (Will be sold as an adoptable)
:bulletgreen: Chiba Kaito (Will be sold as an adoptable)

Note: I plan on excluding the sold and soon-to-be-sold adoptable list once they are all out. This list will be constantly revised, since that I am currently cleaning my OC list and creating new ones (family ones).


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I am only passing by to spread the love. <3

You are beautiful and important, no matter what people say. <3 And never forget, when you feel useless, remember that you are someone else's reason to smile and to love life. <3 So thank you for existing, gorgeous. :love:

Have a hug too. :hug:

Have a wonderful day/evening/night. :3
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